To suggest that 2020 was a challenging year for charities is something of an understatement. 2020 proved that the charity sector is versatile and resilient.

COVID-19 plunged the country into recession, which we know leads to a decrease in donations, whilst social restrictions created an absence of physical events with a few notable exceptions including the valiant efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Charities have always been swift to innovate; it’s what makes them both campaign able and successful, and in this instance, the NFP sector has been quick to embrace the new opportunities in the digital as our lockdown behaviours have changed. Hyper-targeted digital and social media based fundraising campaigns offer many of the same advantages as virtual and hybrid events but are not restricted by physical constraints. They are simple and cost-efficient and tuned into what the market now demands in 2021.

But how do you ensure you are maximising the performance of your online fundraising activities?

In this short article, we’ll explore 3 ways predictive attention heatmaps can help charities accelerate their digital fundraising efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict exactly what potential donors “see” when they view your content? 

Good news, using forecast attention mapping AI, based on human biological response can now show exactly how your content is performing; and if it’s not doing quite what you need it to then you can test and adjust until it is totally ready for human attention.

1. Campaign Auditing

When launching a digital campaign, understanding the actual delivery of your communications priorities can be a challenge. Partners using Dragonfly AI’s predictive attention heatmaps are able to instantly analyse content and see which elements of landing pages, banner ads, or checkout screens are drawing the most attention.

Research has determined that the human brain can only process up to five distinct “regions of visual interest” in the first instance of engagement and it can make or break for a campaign. If you don’t get your key messaging established in the zero moment of truth you won’t get that critical attention back again.  Dragonfly AI’s heatmaps draw users to elements that are critical to driving the behaviours you want to see. We are so confident we can support performance improvement that we will run a free initial test case for you, to find out more, read on…

Using Dragonfly AI allows you to swiftly identify improvements to the delivery of content and achieve instant performance impact.

2. Testing Ideas

All content is based on delivering a sequence of messages and images, deciding on the right image or right message can be challenging when you want to make a big impact, in our super saturated online world of content not getting your sequencing right could have devastating effects on your response and conversion rates. Dragonfly AI offers a Multivariant Testing (MVT) feature which allows you to compare and scientifically measure up to 27 different campaign variations testing for optimum performance before anything goes live, helping you to guarantee your content is “human ready” every time.

You can also conduct MVT if you’re testing different layouts in addition to optimizing individual elements.

The top-performing creative execution from the predictive analysis can then be tested live to make the most of your traffic to reach actionable insights quickly and efficiently.  And because Dragonfly AI offers unlimited access our partners can test and adjust all their content until it delivers exactly what you want it to.

3. Validating decisions

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘too many cooks’ or the dreaded focus group of one “I tried it out on my son/daughter… “ Subjectivity and human bias can delay campaigns, particularly when many stakeholders are involved in the sign-off decisions.

Dragonfly AI’s predictive heatmaps and metrology layers take bias out of the decision-making process, showing what works and allowing you to back up concepts, pitch ideas and actual consumer facing communications with data-informed design. This is also helpful when working with agencies, as brands are empowered with analytics to feedback to agencies.  

So, whether it’s a banner ad for Facebook,  a landing page on your own website, or testing the performance of your mobile app, Dragonfly AI can help you optimise your fundraising campaigns for better performance.

Let us show you what we can do.

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