As we start the slow journey to re-assembling a new form of normality to our lives, post-pandemic It has never been a more important time for retailers and brands to take a new look at their relationship with customers. After over a year in lockdown, the new behaviours fostered by social distancing and lockdown are now the normal and much as we hope the point of elasticity may not have been passed it is improbable that we will surge back into the high street without renewed caution about proximity to one another. We have also seen a huge surge in online purchasing and improved efficiency in last-mile delivery, reported to have accelerated our online shopping by the equivalent of a decade in the last 12 months.

So as non-essential retails re-opens for business what can retailers do to ensure they use their concentrated time with their customers to best effect?

Well, we know that there has been a rapid decline in attention span in the physical aisle, partially driven by consumers getting smarter in their response to our data lead shopper marketing tactics and partially due to the desire for expedience in finding products fast that we have learned from eCommerce, it’s yet another challenge to tackle in the age of the pandemic; and as retailers are re-thinking their tactics for attracting consumers back into the physical store environment it prompts a series of questions about our new shopper relationships…will shopping become more experiential and focus on showrooming, how will social commerce impact for brands and retailers and what will happen to shopper confidence.

Whilst we don’t profess to know all the answers and no one possesses a crystal ball at present, we have developed a short practical guide to help retailers and shopper marketers to help understand how we can help make instant, transformational, data-informed decisions – reducing the need for pro-longed instore testing, increasing design workflow speeds of packaging and instore displays, and helping to win share of attention.

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