AI for a creative revolution

While Self driving cars and facial recognition occupy the center ground of AI research, elsewhere, many of the same techniques are opening up new possibilities for creatives.

There’s a popular myth that during the 1960s NASA invented Teflon for use on the Space Shuttle. They didn’t (it was Dupont Chemical in 1938), but it does help to illustrate a point.

From the moon landings to Formula One and mobile phones, technology flows downhill. When the titans of our industry invest heavily in a sector, the results often have unexpected applications.

Spleeter (a side project from streaming platform Deezer) has recently open-sourced a neural network capable of splitting a recording into its component parts, automatically separating vocals from drums and guitars.

In the games industry, we’re seeing AI research from NVIDIA (DIB-R) that can automatically create 3D models from a single reference image, vastly reducing the time it takes to create new assets.

It’s 2020, AI’s moved out of the lab and into the workflow of creative professionals everywhere.

Here at Dragonfly, we’re proud to be a small part of that revolution.

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