Cutting through the noise

We’re all fighting for consumer attention in a crowded environment and searching for solutions to cut through and help our brands feel relevant.

I’ve been really lucky to start working with Dragonfly AI a couple of years ago in Book Publishing, just about when the Dragonfly AI app was launching.

I have found their AI to be really innovative and at the forefront of research, allowing us to test unlimited materials, and get results in real-time.

During those two years, the tool has really helped us improve the speed at which we were making decisions, optimising and refining our visual creatives.

Month on month, I was impressed with how the Dragonfly AI team continued to develop relevant features to answer our needs, making sure we could use Dragonfly AI with various types of visuals and interfaces in a simple way.

I’ve recently moved on to Luxury Retail and we’re just starting to use Dragonfly AI. It’s impressive to see how the technology transfers easily to new use cases, and remains relevant, which has made me even more confident in the product.

Sabrina Salvador

Insights Manager

  • Words from the Wise

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