Dragonfly AI and Capita enter a scaling partnership!

We are absolutely thrilled to share some amazing news! The rumours are true… we have officially entered into a scaling partnership with Capita!

This is a match made in heaven – with Capita being renowned for their prowess in customer experience, we are looking forward to helping them and their clients do this even better with the use of the Dragonfly AI product suite.

Working with the team at Capita has been a delight already!  With their experience, skill and invaluable insights we have already been able to grow and foster a number of exciting relationships.

The team here at Dragonfly AI are all thrilled. Our very own co-founder David Mitchell has said: “Working with Capita Scaling Partner is a significant milestone for us and opens the door to a raft of opportunities. The deal gives us a huge amount of access to professional expertise and resources, that will help us drive the adoption of Dragonfly AI across multiple sectors and help us expand rapidly.”

There has been a resounding excitement over at Capita too, with Capita’s chief executive Jon Lewis saying: Our partnership with Dragonfly AI demonstrates Capita’s dedication to being at the cutting edge of technology and will create UK-based digital jobs while delivering strategic value for Capita, our clients and Dragonfly AI.”

We have been going from strength to strength since we kicked off in January, and this partnership with Capita will nurture this dazzling journey even further. Thanks Capita! 

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