Leading predictive visual analytics tool Dragonfly AI teams up with global advertising agency, Inskin Media, to provide them with predictive AI technology that helps their video content cut through the noise.

Released early this year, Video is the latest product from Dragonfly AI, that uses neuroscience technology to analyse a wide range of video assets from user session recordings to short and long-form video clips for use in social and broadcast media. Dragonfly AI’s unique motion-ready algorithm uses characteristics like colour, texture, orientation, scale, and movement to simulate how the human brain experiences watching a video for the first time. Attention heatmaps are then used to visualise how well different elements within a video draw the attention of a viewing audience.

This new disruptive technology allows agencies to improve engagement rates on social channels by maximising the stopping power of video posts, as well as monitor and optimise the visibility of brand sponsorships and product placements on broadcast media. It also identifies friction points in user session recordings by analysing sessions to identify why specific behaviours may be happening, and how design improvements could help to drive more positive outcomes. In a recent article by Forbes, latest AI research shows 86% of businesses are currently reaping the benefits of better customer experience through AI, and 25% of companies with widespread AI adoption expect to see the tech pay out in increased revenue during 2021.

David Mitchell, Co-founder of Dragonfly AI says: “We are thrilled to be working with Inskin Media. As the competition for share of attention across content grows fiercer, the need for predictive visual AI has become vital. We believe businesses will need to adopt this type of technology into their techstack, if they want to compete and thrive in the advertising landscape. We have already seen how

Dragonfly AI is supporting brands and agencies across a number of channels, providing real ROI to their business. We are excited to work with Inskin Media and support them in implementing predictive analytics into their workflows.”

“Attention is increasingly being recognised as one of the best measures of advertising by the industry.  Research points to clear and direct relationships between attention and outcomes, including brand uplift and conversions. Inskin is delighted to offer its clients proven AI technology from Dragonfly to evaluate ad performance and demonstrate the attention grabbing ability of our fantastic formats,” said Matthew Newcomb, CEO Inskin Media. “I’ve always said that without attention, there can be no impact — and therefore effective and scalable solutions for measuring attention are critical.”

David recently spoke at the British America Business event: The Power of Partnerships For Tech Innovation – How Start-Up’s help established brands escalate innovation. The event discussed how established brands and corporations can stay afloat by teaming up with disruptive start-up companies to stay on top of their game.

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