The Covid-19 crisis has profoundly changed the way we shop. The number of online purchases made globally during this past year alone is already double that made during the entire previous decade. To succeed in the fast-paced, post-pandemic landscape of a brave new digital world, then, it is increasingly important for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to take advantage of the exponential growth in eCommerce.

Here are three useful insights for FMCG brands looking to make their marketing strategies more competitive:

Marketing is now based on an omni-channel approach

Consumers today make their buying decisions differently to how they did just a few short years ago. Strategies intended to impact this process must therefore evolve, too. Due to a fear of the pandemic, many consumers prefer to shop online for FMCG rather than visit a physical store. The move to eCommerce was already underway but the advent of a global pandemic has accelerated this trend and hugely exacerbated its effect via a proliferation of new purchasing channels including online marketplaces and mobile apps, and a rise in the number of direct-to-consumer brands. Consumers are now exposed to the screens of their mobile phones, laptops and tablets far more than they are to traditional media like television, radio, newspapers and billboards. According to a report by Bain & Co., two thirds of the world’s sales of beauty and hygiene products are now influenced by digital marketing and online customer experiences. With this in mind, artificial intelligence (AI) can provide FMCG marketing insights that are unbiased by human subjectivity and which create solutions that are human-ready before publishing so that you save time, money and opportunities.

AI technology enables you to predict customer purchasing intent

An AI-powered predictive visual tool like Dragonfly AI can pinpoint exactly where your customer will look (and for how long) when viewing your product. We create a predictive heatmap that illustrates clearly how much customer attention your product receives, and which specific features of the product receive most attention. A predictive heatmap can help you to optimise your stand-alone packaging design, show you how best to position your product in-store, or show you clearly which parts of your web page or eCommerce site are most visually salient. As technology has improved, AI has become increasingly useful for generating retail insights and FMCG analytics. According to a recent article for BBN Times, AI-driven customer insight tools can now “predict the future based on historical and real-time data. For instance, they can consider historical data such as consumers’ behavior patterns during certain seasons of the year. And they can also consider real-time changing weather. By combining both historical and current data, AI systems can provide accurate predictions for product demands.”

Dragonfly AI helps FMCG companies to improve shopper experience

AI-driven FMCG insights enable you to manage marketing margins, store operations and customer experience with improved efficiency. Dragonfly AI’s predictive analytics provide you with proactive, data-based steps to improve the shopping experience for your customer. We optimise your eCommerce strategy by showing you which of your product thumbnails will be most effective with an online viewer, or where best to place an image on your web page or how to make it stand out in online search results.

Essentially, Dragonfly AI shows you:

 a) What grabs a shopper’s attention and what they ignore

b) Where and which features they instinctively look at, and in what order

c) What influences their buying decisions.

According to a recent report by Analytics Insight, “AI’s future in FMCG is unlimited, and we will see increasingly amazing uses of the technology in the industry over time. […] AI-powered solutions will assist FMCG companies in better understanding the demands of their target customers. This will allow them to focus on offering a good omnichannel experience while also increasing efficiency and enabling cost savings.”

Dragonfly AI is a touch-of-the-button, ready-to-go technology that provides data-based shopper insights to help you optimise your product and improve customer experience across the entire gamut from physical shelf to digital aisle. For an FMCG brand hoping to remain competitive in this brave new digital world, Dragonfly AI is an easily-accessible and affordable marketing tactic to add to your advertising arsenal.

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