Did you know that 75% of consumers in the US have changed brands during the pandemic? The top three reasons include brand value, convenience, and availability. It isn’t surprising to see that with a tectonic shift in consumer trends, consumer loyalty is getting more volatile, it seems consumers are no longer loyal to a brand per se, but remain
loyal to brand experiences. And with a myriad of direct-to-consumer brands popping up all over the place, being easily accessible on consumers’ smart devices is compelling brands to spend more and more on digital customer acquisition.

FMCG brands, must innovate to engage with consumers, whilst continuing to provide improved digital experiences to win their attention and inspire loyalty. Around a decade’s worth of digital transformation condensed to 500 days during the pandemic has presented an important new question: in an ocean of online stores, how can brands ensure they are winning customers’ attention span and converting them into buyers?

Dragonfly AI have compiled a practical guide to help marketers, brand managers & insight managers optimise their products for the digital shelves. This guide walks systematically through the key challenges of capturing consumer engagement in a digital environment and offers suggestions on how to measure, evaluate, and optimise your digital presence using our data-informed design analysis.

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