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2020 was destined to be the start of the decade celebrating AI and technology, but who could possibly predict these strange times, navigating unchartered waters as we rediscover our connection with the planet and what it is to be human.  Taking solace from the opportunity as well as the hiatus; I read that Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst in isolation from the plague, “out of the strong comes forth sweetness…” 

“Companies that navigate disruptions better often succeed because they invest in their core customer segments and anticipate their behaviours”.McKinsey Risk Practice 2020

Our business is precognition, understanding what the brain sees first, in our world of proliferated content could never have been more relevant.  As we lockdown and isolate within families, thank goodness for the internet as it becomes a true social enabler with a vital role to play. Amazon have announced they intend to employ 100,000 people globally with immediate effect to help support last mile logistics to meet demand for the expected increase of online purchases. 

Inevitably our consumption of media will increase as TV consumption, social media and eCommerce behaviours spike.  We aim to make sense of invisible information, using artificial intelligence that replicates the cues that the brain is continuously deciphering to help us see what the brain sees first.

In a mature digital market saturated with content, helping brands and businesses ensure that they are delivering key messaging and your content is human ready using real time analysis before you publish has never been more significant.

One thing is for sure these unmapped waters require us to act differently as a business and we believe that offering the benefits of our solutions now to help business partners to achieve instant improvements is the right thing to do.

So we would like to offer our services now to run a pro-bono performance report on your assets right now to help you unlock the potential from invisible insights when you need it most; and we can work towards a collaborative business case when you are comfortable the results are clear

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Understanding invisible visual cues

With three great new features designed to accelerate performance. Dragonfly AI provides consumer behavioural insights so our partners can instantly see whether they:

  1. Understand what your consumers see first when they are searching for information.
  2. Ensuring clarity of key facts amongst the malaise of content.

New features:

Multi-region analysis
A/B Analysis
Batch exports in a single click

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