New York Roadtrip Review

With our whirlwind tour of NYC coming to a close far too soon, we are elated with the exciting future of Dragonfly that is currently unfolding.

Thanks to friends and partners in the Big Apple, we have seen a number of fantastic companies including Colgate, Johnson and Johnson, BAMM, Hachette, WPP, Mindshare Neural Labs and Concrete Platforms.

Like any great expedition, we have learnt a ton about the market – and have endured blazing heat (40 degrees), Oysters and beer on Staten Island and a tropical tempest in New Brunswick. Variety is the spice of life!

It has been truly amazing to meet so many innovative people and brands and we can safely say that Dragonfly has landed pretty well.

Many thanks to Michael, James and Nik at Black Swan for hosting us and setting up many of these invaluable opportunities.  Black Swans excellence is evident in this incredible marketplace. New York – we will be back! With a knife, a fork, a bottle and a corkā€¦

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