Bring the power of predictive analytics to your users with our developer API.

Our plug and play API makes it easy to build predictive products and features for your users, powered by Dragonfly AI.


1 + 1 = 3

Combine predictive and descriptive datasets to provide truly unique insights to your customers.

Use our API to enrich your own datasets and develop unqiue and compelling propositions for your customers.


Our APIs are lightening fast. Get results without keeping your users waiting.

Performance is intrinsic to everything we do. Our APIs are built to consistently perform at scale.


Want predictive analytics in real-time? Talk to us about embedding Dragonfly AI In your application.

Dragonfly AI’s algorithm is capable of running in real-time, allowing you to build real-time predictive analytics feaures for your users.

“We are excited to partner with Dragonfly AI. The integration will enhance the Detail Online platform – providing a new and exciting layer of visual predictive analytics to our users.”

Detail Online

Joakim Gavelin | CEO Detail Online

Feature spotlight


Full developer documentation with code samples.


Secure handling and storage of all data sent to our API.


Get results back within seconds even under high loads.


Request attention heatmaps for any content you upload

Opacity maps

Request attention opacity maps as an alternative visualisation for your users.

Probability of Perception

Request PoP scores for specific areas of interest.

Share of Attention

Request SoA scores for specific areas of interest.

Local Attention Score

Request LaS scores for specific areas of interest.

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