Measure the effectiveness of real-world assets and experiences, live.

Simulate real-word customer journeys and see instantly how assets are performing from product packaging and visual merchandising to signage and point of sale promotions.

Campaign ROI

Measure campaign effectiveness in the real world, in real-time.

Run Dragonfly AI analysis live in any environment and measure the visibility of real-world content from in-store point of sale materials to digital out-of-home campaigns.

Share of attention

Monitor and increase your on-shelf and end-of-aisle Share of Attention.

Our mobile app makes it easy to measure the Share of Attention for your products and the products of your competitors on-shelf. Build a baseline of performance data then experimet with design variations to detirmine which variant gets you the maximum exposure in each context.

Customer experience

Drive loyalty with frictionless in-store experiences for your customers.

Negative experiences erode customer loyalty. Help customers find products and information faster by improving the visibility of assets from priority signage to high-value offers and product information.

“We are already using AI in many areas, from basic business process improvements and reducing the reliance on manually intensive processes, to more sophisticated consumer, shopper and patient-driven solutions. Dragonfly AI helps us understand, at various stages of a shopper and consumer journey, the visual saliency of key assets – can people see what I want them to see.”


Simon Bell

Shopper Science Lab Director

Feature spotlight

Live view

Analyse your environment live via the camera feed.


Take snapshots to capture the performance of specific assets and perspectives.

Analyse URLs

Analyse mobile webpages live via our built in browser.

Analyse images

Quickly analyse any image from directly from your cameral roll.

AOI analysis

Measure the performance of key areas of interest within a scene.

Hotspot analysis

See where your audience is likely to look first within a given scene.

A/B/n testing

Run A/B/n tests to determine which variation is more effective.

Quick export

Quickly export snapshots for external sharing.

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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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