Measure the effectiveness of online customer journeys, in real-time.

Simulate online customer journeys, identify friction points and optimise your digital touchpoints to maximise performance inline with your commercial and customer experience objectives.


Improve conversion by minimising friction in key customer journeys.

The human brain can only process up to 5 distinct visual features at at one time. The Browser Extension makes it easy to identify friction points in key customer journeys and ensure your high-value content is seen first.

User testing

Increase brand loyalty by creating online experiences your users love.

Negative experiences erode customer loyalty. Minimising distracting elements and ensuring contextual messaging is easy to identify helps users to find information and complete key tasks faster.

Share of Attention

Measure and optimise your products’ Share of Attention online.

Dragonfly AI makes it possible to measure, monitor and optimise the Share of Attention attributed to your products online whether that’s across own-brand or third-party sites.

“Dragonfly AI has already paid for itself within 3 months by helping us to reduce the length of our test cycles by up to 40%. In addition, the insights we’ve gained through using the tool have already helped us to generate positive outcomes for key KPIs including our visitor-to-search conversion which we know is a key purchase driver.”

Neilson Active Holidays

Josh McGlone

CRO at Neilson Active Holidays

Feature spotlight

Attention heatmaps

Instantly identify which elements are grabbing the most attention.

Element tracking

Measure and track the performance of key on-page elements.

Probability of Perception

Measure the likelihood of any on-page element being seen by your audience.

Share of Attention

Understand the Share of Attention (SoA) attributed to on-page elements.

Cross-device testing

Use Chrome’s device mode to see how performance varies across devices.

Advanced targeting

Track any combination of on-page elements using css selectors.

Simulate user journeys

Identify friction points in key user journeys by testing online experiences end to end.

Session recordings

Easily testing record sessions using free screen recording tools.

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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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