Measure the effectiveness of a wide range of digital assets, before you publish.

Upload and analyse everything from email templates, high-fidelity wireframes and ad creative to product packaging, 3D renders and promotional materials.


Data-informed design that doesn’t slow you down.

We’re all striving to be more data driven in the way that we work. With Dragonfly AI it’s never been easier to build predictive data into your every day work, whether you’re just getting started or looking to add complementary, predictive analytics to existing data-driven practices within your organisation.


Fuel discussion, collaboration and creativity across your organisation.

Good data informs and inspires creativity and optimisation process. Dragonfly AI provides easy-to-understand, intuitive insights to help teams optimise their creative before content ever reaches the consumer.

Campaign ROI

Measure campaign effectiveness across all channels, before you publish.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with more and more content every day it has never been more important to ensure your message is seen by the widest possible audience.

“Campaign effectiveness is the key to success for a business like TCC and as such I was keen to explore tools that could offer a non-subjective view point during the creative development process and Dragonfly AI has been the perfect real time tool for just this. To date we have been able to test concepts for not only static POS/ Displays but also moving content such as web design as well as real time examples in-store to demonstrate the strength of salience and help build learnings and improvements for the way we go to market.”

Nicky Guest

Head of In-store Excellence

Feature spotlight

Report builder

Quickly build insight reports based on your design objectives.


Projects make sharing and collaboration with your team easy.

Image upload

Add content to a project in seconds with a simple drag & drop interface.

A/B/n testing

Run A/B/n tests to determine which variation is more effective.

AOI analysis

Measure the performance of key areas of interest within your creative.

Hotspot analysis

See where your audience is likely to look first within a given design.


Share projects with your team or keep personal projects private.

Quick export

Quickly export content in your project for external sharing.

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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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