Measure the effectiveness of short and long-form video content.

Analyse a wide range of video assets from real user session recordings to short and long-form video clips for use in social and broadcast media.


Improve your engagement rates on social channels.

Increase your engagement rates on social by maximising the stopping power of your video posts.

Sponsorship ROI

Maximise ROI on brand sponsorships and placements.

Monitor and optimise the visibility of brand sponsorships and product placements on broadcast media.

User testing

Identify friction points in user session recordings.

Analyse user session recordings to identify why specific behaviours may be happening and how design improvements could help to drive more positive outcomes.

“Dragonfly has been a critical tool in TMS’s Customer Experience practice. We’re able to get deeper insight into customer behaviour, understand how hard key creative is working for clients, and what customers are noticing in an increasingly noisy marketing environment.”

The Marketing Store

Jen Clinehens

Head of Experience

What’s included?

Full video report

Receive a full report for each video analysed.

Attention heatmap

Attention heatmaps are provided as an overlay on top of the original video.

Motion capable

Videos are analysed with our motion-capable algorithm.

Keyframe breakdowns

Get a breakdown of performance on specific keyframes in your video.

AOI analysis

Measure the performance key areas of interest within a frame.

Hotspot analysis

Identify which areas within the scene are grabbing the most attention.

48hr turnaround

Video reports are provided within 48 hours of the request being received.

Track requests

Requests can be tracked online using our video ticketing system.

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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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