Make every customer moment count across all your channels.

Winning in the attention economy isn’t easy. Dragonfly AI can help you win a greater share of attention in a crowded market and, when you have that attention, ensure its directed in a way that’s aligned to your business and customer experience objectives.


Cut through the noise

Make sure your message is heard in a world oversaturated with content.


Optimise in-store experience and test visibility of products and in-store promotions.

The Dragonfly AI App makes it easy to analyse the in-store customer experience in real-time. Measure and improve the effectiveness of signage, product packing, and in-store promotions.


Improve customer satisfaction online and reduce friction on key user journeys.

The Dragonfly AI Extension makes it easy to analyse online content and user journeys in their true context. Help customers find information faster, promote self-help, and minimise friction in key customer journeys.

Campaign assets

Increase effectiveness of campaign assets across a wide range of marketing channels.

The Dragonfly AI Studio allows teams to upload and analyse a wide range of campaign assets. Test, validate and optimise before your campaign goes live to maximise your return on campaign spend.

“Dragonfly AI have replicated how the brain processes attention, and what we naturally give that attention to, when we see things. So if you want to know how a human would be attracted to (or ignore) an image, advert, design, store layout, video, packaging, or any visual asset or experience, you can use the tool to optimise that asset for attention and visual saliency, before placing in front of real audiences or customers.”

Ben Cheston

MD Greyhairworks

Who we work with

Dragonfly AI can help to improve the effectiveness of content and experiences across a wide range of sectors.

Financial Services








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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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