Enrich the experience for your users with predictive analytics, powered by Dragonfly AI.

The Dragonfly AI API makes it easy to build innovative products and features for your customers on top of our patented technology.


What would you build?

Dragonfly AI can be used to analyse content across any channel so whatever your use case, we’d love to talk.

Customer value

Help your users evaluate the effectiveness of digital and real-world content.

The Dragonfly AI API makes it easy to integrate predictive analytics within your application. Deliver compelling use cases for your users from real-time analytics at the point of creation to monitoring content effectiveness across a wide range of channels.


Combine Dragonfly AI data with your own analytics to deliver unique insights.

Use our API to combine Dragonfly AI data with proprietary and third-party datasets to develop unique and compelling product propositions for your users.


Easy integration with our plug and play Developer API.

Cutting through the noise in a crowded solutions market isn’t easy. Predictive analytics represents a huge growth area and source of differentiation for vendors, with the market expected to grow by an average of just over 22% year on year until 2022.

“We are excited to partner with Dragonfly AI. The integration will enhance the Detail Online platform – providing a new and exciting layer of visual predictive analytics to our users.”

Detail Online

Joakim Gavelin

MD Greyhairworks


Dragonfly AI’s predictive analytics can be used to enhance any activity where winning a directing attention effectively is integral to success.

Advertising & Promotion

Content & Experience

Influencer Marketing

Commerce & Sales

Marketing Orchestration

Optimisation & Analytics

Digital Asset Management

Testing & Validation

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Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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Want to find out more?

Speak to our team to find out how Dragonfly AI can help you.

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