Seeing things differently

On the first day of Christmas we used DragonflyAI to establish the immediate impact of the moonlit Christmas tree at Somerset House, which scored high on its immediate salience

On the second day we looked at the visual impact of great artists, including the fabulous Lady of Shalot, thanks to Tate Britain…

On the third day…and, yes be brave I am going to labour to 12, we looked at the immediate visual impact of a 17th Century map, which was almost as interesting as my neighbourhood which was a set of Gardens on a bend in the Thamesis

So, on, on…to the 4th day, the high points of visual saliency at Eminem’s Twickenham gig in the summer of this year…

Day 5…Editorial visual impact analysis of a tragic and moving story this year as the first victim of a driverless vehicle makes the by lines of our national media

Day 6…a quick pause to reflect on 6 Swans a swimming – our friends at Black Swan Data who have sheltered and nurtured our growth; alongside being probably the smartest predictive analytics business on the planet

Day 7…and we are back in the game…Matisse’s Shroud of Christ, AKA “I told you your makeup and my favourite shirt would not mix…”

No 8…The day of leaping lords – have a spin/stream of “Day of Lords” by Joy Division to cheer your day along, that one’s on me.

Day 9…Assessing the off-shelf marketing performance of my favour Shanghai Wig shop

Day 10…The real time impact of the Band of the Welsh Guards at Waterloo – the station rather than the battlefield…

Day 11…off shelf product promotions of unimaginably cool goods from China

Day 12 – Woohoo you made it

Happy Christmas from all of us at DragonflyAI – if you register for a demo at with the correct composite number for all the assets described in the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” you will win a small and inconsequential prize.

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