WTF is AI anyway?

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to understand exactly how artificial intelligence works, it’s complexity can be a barrier for brands looking to solve marketing and business challenges. Whilst knowing the specifics would enable you to optimise and finesse how an AI solution delivers results, in many instances it shouldn’t matter, as long as you are able to achieve and improve the outcomes you are looking for. 

For us, this version of Arthur C Clarke’s adage, “Any successful advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, is vital for innovative products. It is a key element we look for in solution partners when assessing the fit for our portfolio. The brands we work with are hungry to increase speed, improve quality and cost efficiency, but solutions which are  simpler and more ‘turn-key’ tend to deliver the biggest impact with the smallest changes. 

Dragonfly AI is a great example of this. They have replicated how the brain processes attention, and what we naturally give that attention too, when we see things. So if you want to know how a human would be attracted to (or ignore) an image, advert, design, store layout, video, packaging, or any visual asset or experience, you can use the tool to optimise that asset for attention and visual saliency, before placing in front of real audiences or customers. 

A topical example of this, is how the tool can be used to instantly see what percentage of people will notice a product on an eCommerce platform (Amazon for example) in comparison to other products and what else is on the page. With some small tweaks to the assets, brands could significantly influence attention, click throughs and drive sales. 

So, it’s worth looking at (ahem ;)). If you’d like to know about them or how greyhairworks! works, drop me a line OR if you want to do a bit more research first go and check-out their shiny new website 

Ben Cheston

Managing Director at greyhairworks!

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