7% Growth in Client Toothpaste

Our client used data-informed insights to change shop displays for improved performance across their products.

A leading global consumer healthcare company that prefers to remain anonymous for competitive reasons. They are responsible for developing and marketing some of the world’s best loved brands and products. This particular company is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of specialist oral health.


Our client wanted to improve performance across these sub-categories by using Dragonfly AI to indicate how to improve their share of shelf and ultimately share of attention.

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The brand’s priority was improving their visual saliency of their product portfolio within 3 sub-categories of the physical retail shelf; whitening section, toothpaste section and toothbrush section.

  • Core challenges were found within each subcategory:
    • For the whitening section there was disrupted brand integrity which created a disproportional disadvantage for the supplier.
    • The toothbrush section only held 30% of the oral care market with 50% of their products on eye level.
    • Toothpaste performed a bit better with 65% of the oral care market but these products only held 30% of the shelf on eye level.
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Their toothpaste product was located on shelf as indicated below at 1 metre height, below consumer eye-level and thus very unlikely to be noticed.

They tested vertical placement of toothpaste and toothbrushes, next to each other, they tested a vertical brand block for toothbrushes, and horizontal blocks in toothpaste. Through applying saliency scores, they were instantly able to identify improvements to share of shelf.

The pilot test was rolled out to 10 stores over a 4-month period to test performance; before officially being rolled out to 190 of their customer stores.

The Results

Following the on-shelf optimisations, our client became the number one toothpaste supplier for the first time ever.

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  • 5.7%
    in toothpaste section
  • 1.4%
    in total oral care category
  • 2%
    in client oral care
  • 7%
    in client toothpaste

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