What’s our story?

What’s our story?

Built on an algorithm developed by scientists at Queen Mary University of London over a decade, the Dragonfly AI platform started off as an app. Developed to implement AI into creative processes for better content performance, Dragonfly AI is a leader in the attention economy.

The original app quickly evolved into a full product suite used by some of the industry leaders worldwide. Reliable visual predictive analytics that are biological in foundation and consistently improved upon by innovative research.

Dragonfly AI was forged by five core members who have since strategically added more and more smart minds together. Dragonfly AI has pioneered attention as one of the key metrics for brands, supported largely by the people who keep driving us forward.

What we really care about

People First
People first

The entire platform is geared towards creating a space where humans can collaborate with the data to make their creative better. Our whole team is built around making your experience with assisted AI better.


Science isn’t just a buzzword. We are very proud of our ongoing collaboration with Queen Mary University of London where research is regularly updated and fed into the algorithm. We are dedicated to supporting your success, largely driven by our friendly (and super smart) customer success team.

Data matters

We really believe that access to this data will give your brand the tools it needs to do better for your consumers. The future is a harmonious blend of data and people which is why our data is so easy to build into your daily tasks.

Be part of something bigger

Drive efficiencies and maximize sales with a powerful, easy-to-use visual intelligence tool.

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