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New Feature: Contexts has landed

Dragonfly AI’s in-house product team is leading the charge on making creative testing easier and...

How to Ensure Brand Consistency

What do Nike, Dove and Virgin have in common? Three completely different brands, with completely...


The Benefits of Automated Retailing for CPG Brands

Automated retailing is now gaining traction. Brands use AI (artificial intelligence) and other...

What Is User-Centered Design? Guide, Benefits, & Examples

Data shows that user-centric designs increase engagement rates with users and result in more...

Insight-Driven Customer Journey Mapping for CPG

Customer journey mapping is broken. The old way of visualizing the path to purchase as a neat...

What is Technology Integration? Exploring Its Role in AI-Driven Creative Effectiveness

77% of marketers are planning to increase their artificial intelligence (AI) usage. But 59% of...

Optimizing In-Store Advertising with Predictive Insights

Despite the rise of e-commerce, physical stores are far from extinct. Statistics show that 94% of...

How Challenger Brands in CPG Are Winning with D2C Strategies

Challenger brands in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector have been shaking things up with...

Case Studies

Performance Cpg

7% Growth in Global-Pharma Client Toothpaste

Our Global-Pharma client used data-informed insights to change shop displays for improved performance across their products

Consumer behaviour

40% Increase in Sales for Shopping and Retail Tech Agency Optopus

Leading online shopping and retail tech agency, Optopus helps brands increase their sales using an arsenal of tools. They wanted to replace intuition based decision-making with data informed insight.

Consumer behaviour

Data Drives faster decision making - Beiersdorf Health Care

Hansaplast, Elastoplast and CURITAS relied on data insights to make decisions about their brand relaunch for increased visual saliency

Quirks New York showcases crème de la crème of insights

Who doesn’t want a good excuse to visit the big apple? Quirks New York is taking place on the 17th...

MAD//Fest is bigger and better than ever

This incredible event is taking place between the 2nd and 4th of July, trust us, it’s going to be...

Dragonfly AI to Discuss Retail Transformation Through AI at DigitalX

Dragonfly AI's CEO, Steve King, is set to join the esteemed panel at the upcoming DigitalX event in...

Harnessing AI to Fuel Creative Confidence: Dragonfly AI Joins IIEX North America

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer engagement, the battle for attention has become the...

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