Consumer Insights. Revolutionized.

Move away from subjectivity. Redefine your creative testing experience.

Introducing Studio.

Get data-driven insights that identify what’s working with your creative assets.

And what isn’t..

on-shelf and online.

The Browser Extension and Mobile App allow real-time analysis of performance both on physical shelves and online.

Captivate consumers across all touch-points - creative for an immersive experience.

Elevate product launches.

Stand out from the competition with attention-grabbing designs. Increase your share of attention during new product launches, driving engagement and generating buzz.

Go beyond above-the-line.

Video analysis for ATL creative, all in one place. The solution to costly external advertising and subjective creative testing.

“So sophisticated that it removed any demographic, language or cultural barriers when analyzing our brand relaunch campaign assets.”

Robert Hasselman, Global Shopper Marketing, Beiersdorf

Unlimited pre-launch testing.

Extensive subjective research studies are gone. Now you can get unlimited pre-launch testing across all your creative from product packaging to POS materials.

A/B test your creative, gather Attention Insights before hitting the shelves with your product.

Run testing across all your campaign assets and optimize for performance across all channels.

Test performance in Context

Use the Browser Extension, or Studio to analyse your creative in Context. Test performance of thumbnails in web environments or analyze ad creative out-of-home.

Accelerate design cycles and reduce cost.

Streamline your creative process and design cycle, saving time and money while achieving remarkable results.

Invest your resources wisely and focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional consumer insights.


Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and drive growth with data-informed design decisions

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