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A real-time Deep Tech solution designed to optimise content performance for digital, e-commerce and shopper marketing people

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Dragonfly shortlisted for TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme

We are delighted to announce that Dragonfly has made the shortlist of innovative UK tech SMEs selected to participate in the pre-qualification stage of the Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptor event, the second in the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme series. TechMarketView and Capita Scaling Partner are working together again to find ‘digital disruptors’ looking to revolutionise the Customer Management/Customer Experience market.

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Our brands use Dragonfly like a personal AI trainer giving an independent view based on universal perceptual brain processing which ensures that creative content works harder and shows them how to optimise content for maximum impact before publishing.


Dragonfly takes subjectivity and bias out of the creative decision process and simply shows what is impacting immediate attention. No more arguments with clients over personal preferences… Dragonfly shows what humans see first. Simple and unequivocal real time objectivity and pretty good for validating pitch creative.


Bring the power of predictive attention analytics to your application. Our REST API makes integration easy and gives you full access to Dragonfly and Dragonfly Motion analysis.

Publishing Financial Services Pharma Shopper Agency Retail Restaurant

Dragonfly is now an important part of our workflow. Measuring every bit of content we produce for our clients.




Dragonfly Mobile for iOS makes analysis possible for point of sale, shelf position, packaging and label design.

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Launching 2019
Integrate Dragonfly with your workflow or solution with our REST API.

API Motion

Launching 2019
Cutting edge attention analytics for motion.


Launching 2019
Dragonfly analysis coming soon to your favourite products and services.

The Science

The human brain has limited capacity so has to optimise processing of visual information. Dragonfly’s algorithm simulates this process and was created by understanding the neural architectures in the visual cortex that process the core characteristics of any visual. Dragonfly has been validated on the MIT salience benchmark (MIT300 dataset).

MIT saliency benchmarks →

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Dragonfly has to be seen to be fully understood. It’s improving revenue and performance of assets but each case is built around the needs of the client so contact us and we can help show what it could do for you. Dragonfly is an unlimited lookup licensed software product which provides metric scores and heatmaps of all content, making insights simple to identify

This is gaining more traction with our teams. In particular regional teams, when we run designs through them it helps them feedback to local agencies on how to improve.

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