Dragonfly AI

Improve the effectiveness of content and experiences across any channel.

Dragonfly AI uses cutting edge neuroscience to accurately predict how the design of any content or experience influences what your audience sees first, across any channel.

Dragonfly AI Suite

Empower teams across your organisation with predictive analytics.

Dragonfly AI


Measure the effectiveness of a wide range of digital assets, before you publish.

  • Analyse digital assets
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Measure areas of interest
  • Run A/B experiments
  • Full training & onboarding
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Dragonfly AI


Measure the effectiveness of online customer journeys, in real-time.

  • Anayse websites in real-time
  • Simulate key user journeys
  • Measure on-page elements
  • Test for multiple devices
  • Full training & onboarding
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Dragonfly AI


Measure the effectiveness of real-world assets and experiences, live.

  • Analyse the real-world
  • Live attention heatmaps
  • Measure areas of interest
  • Run A/B experiments
  • Full training & onboarding
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Dragonfly AI


Measure the effectiveness of short and long-form video content.

  • Analyse video assets
  • See the impact of motion
  • In-depth keyframe analysis
  • Measure areas of interest
  • Full training & onboarding
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Dragonfly AI


Bring the power of predictive analytics to your users with our developer API.

  • Easy to integrate
  • Full developer documentation
  • Attention heatmaps
  • Area of Interest metrics
  • Dedicated technical support
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Data-informed design

Make data-informed decisions across your business without slowing down.


Uncover what really grabs your customers’ attention.

Understanding how design decisions impact audience attention eliminates guesswork and helps you to optimise your digital and real-world content and experiences throughout the design lifecycle.


Speed up your design cycles with predictive analytics.

Effective testing and experimentation programs require significant investments of time, money and expertise. Dragonfly AI provides easy-to-understand attention insights in real-time, enabling you to test ideas in seconds and maximise the value of user testing.


Increase marketing effectiveness across all channels.

No organisation can afford to waste marketing spend. Dragonfly AI enables you to measure the effectiveness of your content across all channels before your campaign ever goes live helping you ensure high-value messaging is seen by your target audience.


Maximise your share of attention in a competitive market.

The market for attention has never been more competitive and consumers are becoming increasingly time poor. In a world where the average consumer is exposed to a plethora of content every day, the ability for your key messaging to stand out in its environment is critical to achieving an ROI.

Any content. Any channel.


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