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In competitive real world and digital environments, standing out is critical. Empower your creative to win attention effectively in every situation.


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Establish the target viewing order for your creative to achieve effective messaging that resonates with your audience.


Achieve creative
quality at scale

Understand what’s working and leverage data-driven insights to support creative best practices across your organization.

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Optimize the effectiveness of visual content across any channel with instant actionable insight

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Case Studies

Performance Cpg

7% Growth in Global-Pharma Client Toothpaste

Our Global-Pharma client used data-informed insights to change shop displays for improved performance across their products

Consumer behaviour

40% Increase in Sales for Shopping and Retail Tech Agency Optopus

Leading online shopping and retail tech agency, Optopus helps brands increase their sales using an arsenal of tools. They wanted to replace intuition based decision-making with data informed insight.

Consumer behaviour

Data Drives faster decision making - Beiersdorf Health Care

Hansaplast, Elastoplast and CURITAS relied on data insights to make decisions about their brand relaunch for increased visual saliency

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Dragonfly AI

Creative performance prediction for global brands

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We created a dialogue and thought leadership which would not have been possible without a tool like Dragonfly AI. We’re excited about rolling this out across other divisions.

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Connor Smyth
Whyte & Mackay

At Optopus we used Dragonfly AI during the creation process of mobile-ready hero images. Dragonfly AI emulates the behaviour of the human brain; to analyse e-Content in the way a person browsing a website would. This shows us whether the content is communicating what it needs to and whether the messaging is clear. Thanks to MRHI, brands that have placed their trust in Optopus have managed to increase sales by up to 40%.

Sílvia Aguilar
Silvia Aguilar
Optopus EU

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