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Contexts has landed

It's brand new, it's fresh off beta testing and it's here to give your brands the most comprehensive level of creative testing. Merge foreground and background to build scenarios that show you where your creative will have the most impact.

Leverage insights in seconds. Optimize visual content for better performance in the real world. Invest in Contexts.

Experience Studio

Enable your Innovation, Marketing or Creative Teams with Studio - our desktop solution to give your team the tools to enhance the performance of your creative, to improve ROI, speed and efficiency to your design process through easy collaboration and qualitative real-time results.

A/B test your creatives, track gaze paths on your ads, test performance in context, all from your desktop. Collaborate with your team. Studio provides and immersive testing environment with real time results and in-depth analysis of your creative.


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A/B test your creatives
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Track gaze path on your ads
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Object auto tagging
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Test performance with Contexts

Mobile App

Analyze creative assets in real-world environments from product packaging and visual merchandising to out-of-home ads and more.

Available for iOS

Browser Extension

How effective is the creative on your website? Analyze your calls-to-action, test the gaze path on your hero banner or simply identify what messaging is getting the most attention.

Predict the most probable gaze path taken on your website. Lower the risk of using creative that is too distracting or doesn't highlight your priority messaging. 

Identify the scientifically validated gaze sequences to optimize your website for a better consumer experience.

Increase ROI with Dragonfly AI

Optimize the effectiveness of visual content across any channel with instant actionable insight

Faster Design Process

Increased revenue

Data driven decisions

High quality creative

What do our clients say


We created a dialogue and thought leadership which would not have been possible without a tool like Dragonfly AI. We’re excited about rolling this out across other divisions.

case study 1
Connor Smyth
Whyte & Mackay

At Optopus we used Dragonfly AI during the creation process of mobile-ready hero images. Dragonfly AI emulates the behaviour of the human brain; to analyse e-Content in the way a person browsing a website would. This shows us whether the content is communicating what it needs to and whether the messaging is clear. Thanks to MRHI, brands that have placed their trust in Optopus have managed to increase sales by up to 40%

Sílvia Aguilar
Silvia Aguilar
Optopus EU

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