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Join the discussion on creative impact with expert guests in the CPG, retail, and AI spaces.

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Episode 16

Retail consultant Ian Scott joins retail optimization expert Boran Cakir in this exciting episode to consider physical vs digital, omnichannel, optimized operations, slow lanes, and toilets. It's a fantastic episode packed full of insights about retail you don't want to miss!

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Episode 15

Global marketing expert Katie Reiffenstein-Rimoldi joins Leigh de Klerk, Customer Success Manager, to talk about the most effective campaigns of the year, the role of creative testing, how brands can adapt to trends, and some advice for better creative effectiveness.

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Episode 14

Ryan Smith and James Harvey join Beka Ventham to share their insights into how AI has transformed experimentation, effective utilization of customer feedback for product development, and more!

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Episode 13

Head of Digital and Media at Arla, Rob Edwards, joins VP Omnichannel Commerce at The Mars Agency, Ross Halliwell, to discuss driving personalization with data.

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Episode 12

Paul Wright, Head of Advertising at Uber, and Gordon Doherty, Head of Client Services at Marketreach, share their insights about traditional and digital advertising, attention, engagement, and how to effectively meet consumers where they are.

Episode 11

Episode 11

AI serial entrepreneur Isabella Bedoya speaks to event lead Kassandra McCalla about event engagement, virtual events, touchpoints, and the potential creative impact of AI.

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Episode 10

Marketing technology expert Khushbu Parmar shares her experience on Martech, its ongoing growth and its future with leading customer success manager, Kate Nunan. 


Episode 9

CEO of The Creative Copywriter, Konrad Sanders, and SEO expert, Andrew Cherrie, get together to talk about the creative impact AI has on content and how to effectively navigate it.

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Episode 8

Neuromarketing expert, Katie Hart, and Head of Marketing, Shelley Martin, discuss how AI can shape brand loyalty in an effective way and where it can go wrong.

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Episode 7

Marketing Director, Olumide Aniyikaiye, meets Senior Brand Manager, Miguel Magalhães, to talk about marketing predictions for 2024. Key topics include AI , sustainability, and creative impact.

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Episode 6

Marketing communications manager, Saakshi Verma, and customer success manager, Sophie Pain, talk about the balance of efficiency and empathy as AI evolves.

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Episode 5

Retail and insights leader, Miya Knights, and enterprise customer success manager, Kate Nunan, discuss fragmentation in retail media.


Episode 4

Consumer behavior expert, Jen Clinehens, joins Chief Scientist, Hamit Soyel, to share their insights on superintelligent AI.

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Episode 3

Solutions architect, Jeanne Masche, shares her views on ChatGPT's role in work, life and the potential creative impact following the voice and vision updates in late 2023.

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Episode 2

eCommerce expert, Marilena Florea, and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Becky Shepherd, consider the 3 big trends impacting the beauty industry.

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Episode 1

Head of Performance, Sean Xie, and Senior Strategic Account Executive, James Hoblyn, discuss how Unilever is transforming ice cream with AI.

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