Game of Attention

Podcast hosting leading experts coming together to share their insights on  attention and AI within the CPG and retail spaces

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Episode 1

Head of Performance, Sean Xie, and Senior Strategic Account Executive, James Hoblyn, discuss how Unilever is transforming ice cream with AI.

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Episode 2

eCommerce expert, Marilena Florea, and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Becky Shepherd, consider the 3 big trends impacting the beauty industry.

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Episode 3

Solutions architect, Jeanne Masche, shares her views on ChatGPT's role in work and life following the voice and vision updates in late 2023.


Episode 4

Consumer behavior expert, Jen Clinehens, joins Chief Scientist, Hamit Soyel, to share their insights on superintelligent AI.

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Episode 5

Retail and insights leader, Miya Knights, and enterprise customer success manager, Kate Nunan, discuss fragmentation in retail media.

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Episode 6

Marketing communications manager, Saakshi Verma, and customer success manager, Sophie Pain, talk about the balance of efficiency and empathy as AI evolves.

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Episode 7

Marketing Director, Olumide Aniyikaiye, meets Senior Brand Manager, Miguel Magalhães, to talk about marketing predictions for 2024. Key topics include AI and sustainability.

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Episode 8

Neuromarketing expert, Katie Hart, and Head of Marketing, Shelley Martin, discuss how AI can shape brand loyalty in an effective way and where it can go wrong.

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