40% Increase
in Sales

Optopus analyzed e-content at all stages of the creative process

A leading online shopping and retail tech agency, Optopus helps brands increase their sales by using an arsenal of tools such as eContent optimizations, eConsulting and analytics. Optopus has a singular mission; to help brands optimize their digital shelves for enhanced sales performance. They have done this for leading brands.


Optopus wanted to replace intuition based decision-making and post-launch feedback with a single moment of truth. They wanted to prioritize data so that they could show brands what consumers see, ultimately evidencing their process.



As an optimization agency, Optopus’ primary function is to help some of the biggest brands across the globe enhance and modify e-packshots and product descriptors, so they become more visible and easily searchable.

The challenge being a lack of data validation for decision making. Data allows faster decisions with better results; it removed the risk pre-launch and supports better creative decisions pre-launch.



Optopus used the Dragonfly AI platform to identify what element of their designs were failing to communicate to a prospective consumer in the audit stage.

Next, the tool helped the design team create assets that aligned with their design objectives, and finally, in the testing stage, it analyzed how well the e-packs performed against their desired messaging.

Optopus implemented Dragonfly AI across every stage of their process.

The Results

Dragonfly AI empowered Optopus with data-informed insights that saved them time and money in experimentation pre-launch for their client brands.


“At Optopus we use a Dragonfly AI tool during the creation process of mobile-ready hero images. This tool emulates the behaviour of the human brain; to analyze e-Content in the way a person browsing a website would. This shows us whether the content is communicating what it needs to and whether the messaging is clear. Thanks to MRHI, brands that have placed their trust in Optopus have managed to increase sales by up to 40%.”


Sílvia Aguilar

CEO & Creative Project Lead
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  • 40%
    Optopus successfully increased clients' sales by 40%

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