The Truth about AI

Can AI decouple business growth from headcount growth?

Ian Crocombe, Global Strategy Partner at DEFT talks to whether AI can decouple growth from headcount. 

Ian Crocombe
Ian Crocombe
Global Strategy Partner | DEFT

AI is poised to redefine marketing in this decade, similar to how algorithmic feeds drove transformations in the last. Drawing from my experiences at Amex, Meta, and training numerous marketers, I can affirm that AI is no longer a choice, but a necessity.
Today, progressive digital leaders are leveraging generative AI tools to upscale business operations without expanding their teams. By empowering experienced team members with AI, capabilities are amplified.
For brand growth - AI churns through audience data, creating actionable personas in record time. Advanced models like ChatGPT4 surface consumer needs, refine messages, perfect content strategies, and provide room for creative innovation. The outcome? Deeper consumer bonds without additional full-time employees.

For DTC, direct response and ecommerce, where strategies quickly become outdated and data changes rapidly, AI can rejuvenate content, accelerate product launches, enhance lead generation, and refine email campaigns.
While major corporations invest in customized AI solutions, mid-sized firms can immediately benefit by harnessing the power of their internal experts. CEOs must rethink roles and skills, educating their teams on AI and encouraging them to experiment within safe constraints. One of my marketing teams cut down common task hours by half using AI.
The good news is that this is about investing in your existing team, the best results we have seen so far are from experts confidently wielding AI tools, rather than inexperienced staff who can’t interpret, iterate or edit with confidence.
My advice to leaders is to seize AI's potential before your competition does.

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