The Truth About New AI

A collection of expert views on the impact of new AI on the CPG industry

Steve King

It's Finally Here

Steve King, CEO, Black Swan Data 

"It turns out with AI, as with everything in life, we are responsible for creating the future. If we take time to understand, in detail, and stand up for how we use for AI we can forge an incredible future. If we don't, stand by to be absorbed."

Alex Meisl

We are all doomed

Alex Meisl, Co-Founder, Grey Hair Works

"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."

Toby Richards

The Rebirth of AI

Toby Richards, Planning Director, Once Upon a Time

"I believe AI will shape the future by constantly changing our relationship with AI and how we will work together"

Simon Gill

Democratising the Creative Process

Simon Gill, EVP Global Client Business Transformation, MRM 


Severine Tarayre

How will AI leave it's mark on CPG

Severine Tarayre, Consumer Insights Director

"If you don't encounter the works Artificial Intelligence once in your day, you live in a cave."

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AI - Let's Go!

Johnny Aldred, Consultant Editor 

"So what will it look like, when AI takes over? How will we know? Impossibly perfect androids with seductive voices, who won't take no for an answer?"

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Personalised Nutrition & Improved Wellbeing

Ian Maskell, Founder, Pecorino Group

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Is AI innovation going to be productive?

Jamie Qiu, MD & Founder, Studio Zao



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The inevitable rise of 'Meh'

Sagar Joglekar, Ph.D. Machine Learning Scientist, Expedia Group

"In the end, AI is a tool to do great things, but the one who wields decides how it shall be remembered by history".


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Defined by our understanding

Jen Clinehans, Founder, Choice Hacking

"The businesses that gain an advantage in the coming years will be those who understand that AI isn't about replacing people".

Jo Vertigan

Jottings on AI

Jo Vertigan, MD, Obidos Consulting

"Let's embrace this brave new world. But it's early days, we need to tread carefully".

Shane Gallwey

Indisputable Potential

Shane Gallwey, Head of Ventures, Guinness Asset Management 

"AI can make some businesses obsolete and not all the business we back will be on the right side of this". 

Robert Zuidgeest

Are we reliving the dotcom bubble?

Robert Zuidgeest, Head of Marketing, Bij, NLZIET

"These opportunities have the potential to transform entire industries".

Ina Bagociute-Zutautiene

AI is not here to destroy our lives

Ina Bagociute-Zutautiene, Head of Futures, Insights & Emerging Technology, MOJ

Simon Sikorski

The AI Flame

Simon Sikorski, CEO, Craft Worldwide

"The AI fire is burning hot and if you don't know how to handle it, you will be burned".

Helen Merriott

An opportunity to reset CPG

Helen Merriott, SVP, EMEA & APAC Industry Lead Consumer Products, Publicis Sapient

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