The Truth about AI

Defined by our Understanding

Jen Clinehens, Founder at Choice Hacking thinks we'll be defined by our understanding of AI in the future and finding a balance between the human and machine.

Jen Clinehens
Jen Clinehens
Founder | Choice Hacking

We went broke little by little, then all at once

Some version of this quote is attributed to, at times, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Mark Twain.
Perhaps it’s because it holds so much truth that it seems to have so many historical fathers. Just like any transformation (or disaster, depending on who you talk to) AI has been eating away at the edges of the cultural consciousness for years. Until one day - the conversation around AI was radically different. The same will be said of how industries flex and adapt to this new world of AI-enabled business. There are certainly functions - entire industries, even - that AI will accelerate, and some it will replace altogether.

But there are other things - human connection, relationships, creativity, and innovation - that can’t be replaced. And there is huge opportunity for those who work alongside AI to supercharge creativity, connection, and innovation. The biggest immediate challenges for AI in business include designing models that are unbiased and fair, and folding AI into business processes, company culture, and ways of working.
There are a few businesses - high off the promises of vendors and headlines - eager to radically reduce headcount in favour of AI tools.

“But, the businesses that gain an advantage in the coming years will be those who understand that AI isn’t about replacing people…it’s about perfecting the balance between human and machine”

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