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The Re-birth of AI

Toby Richards, Planning Director at Once Upon a Time gives us his thoughts on AI and why he see's this as a bit of a re-birth...

Toby Richards
Toby Richards
Planning Director | Once Upon a Time

Planning Technology

Human beings are relational creatures. Therefore, this question is more about our relationship with ai and how that relationship will shape the future.

If the growth in AI is akin to giving birth to something, then the development and future shaped by AI is going to be about developing a parental-style relationship.

Moving through stages of dependency (generative AI stage), independency (autonomous stage) and then ultimately interdependency (predictive, potentially affective and who knows maybe even sentient stage).

There may be stumbles, some adolescence, disagreement and the odd rebellion, but ultimately the future this will shape will come down to two things: firstly, the responsibility we take over ai’s development, and secondly what we do to maintain a 2-way relationship of understanding to ensure humans and ai grow together.

Our role is to nurture development, provide some safety and guardrails whilst avoiding helicopter parenting - remembering that as AI develops, we also develop, learn, reflect and adapt….

This mutual growth will constantly change how we relate to AI, we’ll need to find a common language despite the growing differences in capabilities.

Positive interaction experiences will develop a relationship of trust, respect and understanding and this will increase what we ask or expect of AI.

This will enable us to task AI with currently unsolvable problems we are conscious of, whilst empowering it to inform us of things outside of our current cognitive, affective and behavioural comprehension.

I believe AI will shape the future by constantly changing our relationship with AI and how we will work together.

“I believe AI will shape the future by constantly changing our relationship with AI and how we work together.”

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