How AI will impact the future of creativity

A collection of expert views on the impact of new AI on the future of creativity in the CPG industry

Jon Williams

How AI will impact creativity

Jon Williams, Founder & CEO, The Liberty Guild | Decoupled Creative

"AI will change everything. Not just in our industry, but in the entire world."

Alistair Ross

How will AI shape creativity

Alistair Ross, Creative Partner, LogicLogicMagic

"Historically, creativity takes time, AI promises to save time."

Ian Crocombe

Can AI decouple business growth from headcount growth

Ian Crocombe, Global Strategy Partner, Deft

"AI is poised to redefine marketing in this decade, similar to how algorithmic feeds drove transformation in the last."

Mikael Gustavson

The Creative Catalyst

Mikael Gustavson, Creative Director, Rank Interactive

"AI has become the star of its very own Hollywood blockbuster, complete with an impending apocalypse".

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