The Truth about AI

The Creative Catalyst

Mikael Gustavson, Creative Director at Rank Interactive, discusses whether or not AI is a 'creative catalyst' ...

Mikael Gustavson
Mikael Gustavson
Creative Director | Rank Interactive

AI has become the star of its very own Hollywood blockbuster, complete with an impending apocalypse and a job market shake-up. Business leaders worldwide are experiencing restless nights as they strive to educate themselves and navigate the vast landscape of emerging generative AI solutions. I can certainly relate to their sleepless endeavours.
Throughout my career, a significant part of my focus has been on guiding creative teams to understand how to recognise and channel creativity in all its diverse forms, customised to individual circumstances. Just like a muscle that grows stronger, creativity gains power and potency through deliberate training and nurturing.
AI has emerged as a powerful catalyst to accelerate creative ideation, generate engaging content, and replicate brand assets while staying true to established creative guidelines.

Among the various text-to-image AI platforms available today, Midjourney and Google's Vertex platform stand out as they offer the ability to train the models with reference imagery and fine-tune them accordingly.
AI and creativity can form a symbiotic relationship, where AI empowers and amplifies human creative endeavours. By harnessing AI's analytical capabilities and merging them with human intuition and imagination, the boundaries of creativity can be pushed further. As this partnership continues to evolve, we can expect AI to play a significant role in shaping and expanding the creative landscape.

It is vital to note that AI is not a replacement for human creativity. The true essence of creativity lies in imagination, emotion, and subjective judgment, qualities uniquely possessed by us humans. AI may excel at producing algorithmically driven outputs, but it cannot replicate the depth and richness of human experiences that fuel genuine creativity.
After all, there's no algorithm for soul, is there?

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