The Truth about AI

How will AI influence the future of Creativity?

Jon Williams, Founder & CEO, of The Liberty Guild, gives us the agency take on the influence of AI across the creative industry

Jon Williams
Jon Williams
Founder & CEO | The Liberty Guild | Decoupled Creative ™

AI will change everything, not just in our industry but in the entire world. But within our industry, the changes will be fundamental. Currently, the view from agencies is at best mild interest and a desire to have a play.

At middle sneering posts on social media about how it's not very good. At worst a total head-in-the-sand approach. Most agencies are asleep at the wheel, feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that AI could never replace them. They’re wrong; currently, it’s a junior art director, before long, it will be a CCO. And much of the reason for this ostrich-like approach is that they know it's potentially the end of their business model.

A model that is too structured and rigid to adapt. If AI automates the creative process to the point where you get to an idea quicker, then with an hours-based model they would have to charge you less. We always assumed AI would come for people on the factory line, then blue collar, then the artists. But it has been flipped. Designers, copywriters, and photographers are all in dire positions and the transcreation agencies are suddenly looking very shaky. 

This will massively affect how you get your work from your agencies. AI will be Incunabular 3.0 - on steroids. Be ready. Keep learning. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. I think I may have changed my mind since I wrote it,… but thats the problem right…..

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