7 Benefits of Creative Intelligence for Insights Teams

7 Benefits of Creative Intelligence for Insights Teams

When you work in insights, you are tasked with effectively positioning the brand based largely on trends and innovation. Most large CPG roles will come with an intense amount of pressure when it comes to deadlines and expectations on deliverables. 

This is where creative intelligence becomes a critical resource for you. It’s a point of human truth that you can implement for pre-validated creative decisions which ultimately ensures more effective execution.  

What is creative intelligence? 

Creative intelligence is, traditionally, a fusion of creativity and cognitive ability, a form of intelligence that sets the stage for imaginative thinking, problem-solving, and, most importantly, innovation.  

But what happens when you look at creative intelligence through the lens of technology? For insights professionals, it’s a game-changer. Creative intelligence is predicting attention and using data to successfully optimize creativity. It empowers teams with a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, meaning they can spend less time guessing outcomes and more time trusting analytical insights for more impactful results.  

When it comes to selling your products and services, creative quality stands above all else. However, with such a small window to engage audiences, brands can’t afford to lose their presence in the arena. That’s where creative intelligence comes in – predictive analytics validates decision-making and leads to better results.  


Where can creative intelligence be used? 

Creative intelligence informs attention-grabbing campaigns, unique branding, and innovative customer engagement strategies. With its ability to predict customer attention, insights teams can easily optimize their performance.  

You can identify and capitalize on emerging trends through creative intelligence, ensuring your brand stays relevant and ahead of the curve. The use of visual predictive analytics empowers you to enhance your output while increasing ROI.  

Employing innovative visualization techniques allows you to transform complex datasets into easily digestible, visually engaging representations. When you are part of such a numbers-driven team, creative intelligence is your backup. Giving you the data you need to act quickly.  

Biggest benefits of creative intelligence 

1) Data validation 

Using creative intelligence means you can approach data validation from a different angle. There is no need for trusting your gut or wasting time waiting for qual or quant testing. We can all agree on the importance of testing, but it shouldn’t have to slow down decision-making or skip pre-validation stages. Data validation means never making another decision without the numbers to support your call.  

2) Faster decision making 

We live in a world where expectations are instant. The global teams require answers last week and they want you to give them final proofs that have been validated and sense-checked. Creative intelligence is speed. Traditional testing doesn’t have the capabilities you need in an insights role. You have deadlines that are based on speed but without the right tools to accurately do the pre-work. You don’t need to go with instinct when creative testing can be instant.  

3) Ensure quality at scale 

Global CPG brands want creative that seamlessly fits with the brand and is impactful. You’re focused on purchase intent, sales impact, and honoring the numbers. Creative intelligence means you no longer have white spaces of insight because you can predict attention in a matter of seconds. Have a global campaign that needs to be adapted locally? Test it and optimize it based on data for creative quality across the brand.  


4) Minimize risk when launching new campaigns 

Launching a campaign always has an element of "what if," with brands hoping for its success but with no guarantees of success. Building creative intelligence into your process helps minimize these risks when pushing campaigns out to new audiences. Have a better chance of anticipating pitfalls, fine-tuning approaches, and adapting campaigns to attract the right attention. You'll have the data to increase the chances of success.  

 5) Supports rapid digital transformation  

 Creative intelligence can be a catalyst for brands, enabling them to adapt quickly and thrive in ever-evolving environments. Tapping into the power of creative intelligence means insights teams can discover new opportunities that can make a fundamental difference to their output. Moreover, they can reimagine processes, quickly pivoting strategies to stay relevant in hyper-competitive fields.  

 6) Cost effective 

Creative intelligence can be a game-changer for brands seeking cost-effective solutions. Having the data to validate pre-work means that you minimize the risk of the budget being wasted and save money short and long term. Brands that embrace creative intelligence are more likely to identify areas for improvement and even streamline operations, ultimately contributing to their overall financial health. 

7) Ad spend no longer wasted on poor creative 

To prevent wasting ad spend on poor creative, a more strategic and data-driven approach to ad development should be employed. Data analysis tools to identify audience preferences, while developing and testing multiple creative concepts before finalizing ad campaigns, leads to better outcomes. The outcome is often memorable ad campaigns that resonate with potential customers, maximizing the return on investment and ensuring that ad budgets are utilized to their full potential. 


AI powering creative intelligence 

Combining human ingenuity with machine learning's computational prowess shows it can revolutionize problem-solving and innovation. Dragonfly AI’s creative intelligence pushes the boundaries of what's possible, unlocking the unprecedented potential for brands to reach their target market.  

Insights teams can predict attention in context, standing out from the crowd as a result. It also helps to achieve effective messaging that resonates with target audiences while achieving creativity at scale. Implementing data-driven insights lets you understand what works.  

Dragonfly AI’s creative intelligence streamlines the process, giving you access to data and metrics designed to build a successful marketing strategy. The synergy between creative intelligence and AI opens up opportunities for innovation and optimization.  

Creative intelligence through the lens of Dragonfly AI 

At Dragonfly AI, we’ve worked hard on a creative intelligence model designed to help give brands more precise results. Scientists at The Queen Mary University of London, who specialize in visual perception and mathematical models for visual processing, spent a decade conducting groundbreaking research.  

The result was a biological model that transcends conventional research methods like eye tracking and panel-based studies, delivering unparalleled insights into human visual attention during the crucial first one-to-two seconds before personal biases come into play. 

Throughout numerous interactions with top creative teams, the observation is that data-driven decision-making is key to exceptional performance. However, the data usually becomes available only after the decision has been made ('descriptive' analytics).  

What we do is harness the power of artificial intelligence to enable teams to foresee how design choices impact audience attention before any interaction occurs ('predictive' analytics). 

This is known as the Attention Economy, where fierce competition and an onslaught of brand messaging make capturing audience attention more valuable than ever. Dragonfly AI empowers creative teams to predict the effects of their design choices on audience attention, allowing them to 

  • Secure a larger share of attention in a competitive landscape 
  • Guide audience attention in a more strategic way 

Our experience has shown that mastering this aspect of customer experience can significantly boost performance across organizations, making content work harder and smarter than ever before. 

Increase performance with creative intelligence 

The attention economy is in full swing, and context is all-important for leveling up teams to predict customer behavior. Combining creative intelligence with AI gives insights teams the toolset to utilize human truth data to know what creative looks like in several contexts, validate packs, and make decisions based on purchase intent. 

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