New Feature: Contexts has landed

New Feature: Contexts has landed

Dragonfly AI’s in-house product team is leading the charge on making creative testing easier and more impactful for leading brands.

Now we’re excited to announce our brand-new feature, Contexts! 

Contexts is not just any creative testing tool – it was designed for more competitive testing that’s automated. It’s strategic testing for visual assets that's an absolute game-changer when it comes to predictive analytics.


Your creative has to stand out in a visually competitive environment which is why Contexts accurately predicts how your design will grab attention in a visually competitive environment. Predominantly within advertising and packaging. Think about your banner ads, bus stop ads, social ads, visual merchandising or on- shelf packaging. 

Contexts gives you the power to instantly evaluate and predict how effectively your creative will stand out in the real world.

So, how does it work?

In studio, you can now upload multiple contexts, from websites to bus stops, and more - and run testing on context bundles for a score to effectively identify where your creative will perform the best instantly.

The algorithm establishes which pixels are the most salient within your visual creative. Combined foreground and background testing instantly helps you to develop a scenario where areas of interest are automatically identified and scored.

Contexts is more than establishing only where attention is focused it’s about taking data insights to a whole new level and giving you the power to customize your creative testing experience.

It’s creative testing, your way. 


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