Unlocking Consumer Insights: Dragonfly Teams Up with Mars at Quirk’s Chicago!

Unlocking Consumer Insights: Dragonfly Teams Up with Mars at Quirk’s Chicago!

We're thrilled to announce we will be taking the stage at Quirks 2024, exploring the key elements of consumer decision-making led by two industry leaders. 

Meet The Speakers: 

Jeffrey Wu, Principal Scientist at MARS Snacking will be sharing his 16 years of experience in consumer experience research. With a Ph.D. in Food Science, Jeffrey brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of consumer behavior. His extensive multidisciplinary background allows him to uncover hidden patterns and dissect the complexities of human decision-making. 

Steve King, CEO of Dragonfly AI, will speak alongside Jefferey. With a passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change, Steve is at the forefront of innovation in the AI industry. As the co-founder of Dragonfly AI, he's dedicated to empowering businesses with data-driven insights for global creative confidence.  

Jeffrey and Steve look forward to sharing their expertise on understanding the core touch points of consumer decision making. Explore the consumer journey from initial attention to purchase point, utilizing case studies to highlight the impact of AI integration on workflows.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Uncover the core factors that capture attention, foster engagement, and drive choices. 
  • See the roadmap for integrating advanced technologies into your creative process. 
  • Tools to promote the adoption of disruptive technology into traditional processes. 
  • Recognize the significance of incorporating the shopper mindset into early-phase innovation stages. 

Join Us at Quirks 2024! 

Whether you're a researcher, marketer, or business leader, this session will provide you with valuable insights into consumer behavior and decision-making.  

Beyond the stage, there are countless opportunities to connect with industry leaders across cocktail receptions, group meet-ups and MR jam sessions. This is more than an event; this is an experience! 

Dragonfly AI will be looking forward to meeting you at booth 222! 

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