The Truth about AI

Are we reliving the dotcom bubble?

Robert Zuidgeest, Head of Marketing at BIJ NLZIET feels like we're re-living the dotcom bubble of the 90's...

Robert Zuidgeest
Robert Zuidgeest
Head of Marketing | BIJ NLZIET

Nowadays, hardly a day passes without the launch of a new AI feature, and companies are competing with each other for the number of new releases, all claiming that their latest update is the best available.
It is easy to get caught up in the excitement, and in a way, it feels like we are reliving the dot-com bubble of the late 90s. That being said, the rapid pace of the AI movement is astonishing, especially compared to what we knew just a few years ago. However, the AI solutions we have today are still in the early stages of reaching their true potential.
What was once only available to the rich and famous will become accessible to the masses, thanks to AI. Imagine having a secretary, powered by Chat GPT, that handles all incoming emails and calls. The luxury of a chauffeur to drive you around utilizing a level 5 autonomous car. Your household meticulously organized with the assistance of a housemaid, which includes a smart fridge that automatically orders groceries and a robot vacuum cleaner that keeps your space spotless. A chef that creates delicious and nutritious meals through a 3D food printer.

A stylist to ensure your clothing is always on point, which not only keeps track of when pieces are getting old but also considers your social calendar to order new items when necessary.
Maybe even a personal trainer to design top-notch fitness programs based on your diet, body shape and movement trackers. A banker to track your expenses and saving and investments goals through a personal financial management tool, and a personal doctor to regularly monitor your overall health and well-being. All these services can be powered by your digital twin, or a Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. (Iron Man), acting as your personal assistant, knowing your exact preferences.
Truth be told, we haven't reached that point just yet. However, we have surpassed Rosy the Robot (The Jetsons) and many of these features are already available or will be soon. And just like the dot-com bubble, it will be interesting to see how quickly people embrace these opportunities, not to mention the rate at which businesses will adopt to these tools, as they have the potential to transform entire industries. Interacting with bots, rather than humans alone, will become an important distinguishing factor.

“These opportunities have the potential to transform entire industries”

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