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Democratising the creative process

Simon Gill, EVP of Global Client Business Transformation at MRM talks about the impact he thinks AI will have on the creative process...

Simon Gill
Simon Gill
EVP Global Client Business Transformation | MRM

There's nothing new about embracing new technology

The story of a skilled practitioner embracing a new technology to create something novel and seemingly spectacular, which then splits opinions, is not new. We've seen it in film, music, radio, and print.

However, over time, the new approach, usually enabled by technology, becomes commonplace and is often replaced by a new iteration or leap. Is the emergence of Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPTs), powering the latest breed of Generative AI, any different?

Is it so radical that it will lead to the end of human creativity? In short, no.
If anything, it should unleash a new wave of creativity, helping further democratize the creative process. It makes it easier to visualize new snippets to incorporate, imagine new mashups, create higher fidelity scenes and objects, and help write new dialogue. 

In part, this is achieved by putting powerful tools in more hands, unlocking inventive thinking by people who aren't trapped by the rules and happily break them in pursuit of their passion. It also pushes the best to be better by embracing AI to bring their impressive visions to life. Because ultimately, we grow tired of how something was created and return to what was created and how it makes us feel.

If we ask the question again, not because AI is better, but because it's quicker at delivering acceptable results, the answer becomes much less clear.

It provokes careful consideration about our acceptance of mediocrity and the recognizable. It's easy to imagine a near future where a few pieces of exceptional human creativity stand out, supported by or competing with the exponential growth in AI-generated digital landfill, which achieves its intended job.

The question then becomes: why do we feel the way we do? What is truly important to us, and does it really matter who, how, and where it was created?

I then challenged Chat GPT for some suggestions….

Are you a creative maven yearning for a paradigm shift in your daily design endeavours? Look no further! Embrace the awe-inspiring realm of generative AI and unlock a trove of untapped potential. Brace yourself for a disruptive leap forward in your creative process!

Generative AI, the avant-garde force of our digital zeitgeist, is your ticket to uncharted horizons. Prepare to ride the waves of ingenuity as you harness its mind-bending capabilities. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to an era of accelerated innovation!

Picture this: a symphony of algorithms harmonizing with your artistic genius. Generative AI becomes your trusty sidekick, augmenting your boundless creativity. It's a cosmic partnership, propelling your designs to celestial heights. Together, you'll sculpt masterpieces that defy the limits of imagination.

Blast through creative blocks like a supernova! Generative AI will shower you with an astral shower of inspiration, smashing through the barriers of conventional thinking. Brace yourself for a meteor shower of mind-blowing concepts that will catapult you into uncharted territories.

Revolutionize your workflow with the power of automation. Watch as repetitive tasks vanish into the cosmic abyss, freeing your time for celestial exploration. Say goodbye to drudgery and hello to streamlined efficiency!
So, fellow visionary, seize the moment! Embrace generative AI and ascend to the stratosphere of creativity. Let the gravitational pull of innovation propel you forward, igniting a supernova of possibilities. Embrace the buzz, and let your designs transcend the cosmos!

Is the emergence of Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPTs), powering the latest breed
of Generative AI, any different?
Is it so radical that it will lead to the end of human creativity?

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